What We Do

More than a place…it’s a process.

The Haven of Grace empowers young women to overcome obstacles and achieve stability. Through community resources, coaching and a family-like support network, young mothers achieve self-sufficiency and secure a bright, healthy future for themselves and their children.

1: Commitment

Each journey begins with a decision and a commitment.

2: Maternity Shelter

A safe, nurturing and educational home for young, homeless pregnant mothers and their children, providing a safe, nurturing shelter, nutritious meals and basic needs to support a healthy delivery. More

3: Transitional Apartments

“The Quad” provides an opportunity for mothers to practice independent living skills while working and/or going to school with continues guidance from The Haven’s staff. More

4: Aftercare Program

Our unique Aftercare Program provides community-based support to our Residential Program graduates for up to ten years after they leave the shelter. More

5: Self-sufficient

Success is that full-circle moment when former residents begin to give back to The Haven of Grace by serving as mentors, volunteers and program advisors. An inspiring and service-oriented group of young women, The Haven of Grace alumnae actively live out the mission of The Haven of Grace every day.

Our programs focus on seven core impact areas:

  • Housing and Basic Needs
  • Physical and Emotional Health
  • Independent Living Skills
    • Household Management
    • Personal Finance
    • Self-Advocacy and Interpersonal Skills
  • Parenting
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Spiritual and Character Development

…so that each young mother we serve will achieve her personal goals
 and these desired outcomes:

  • End Her Housing Crisis or bout with Homelessness by Securing Shelter
  • Have Improved Emotional Well-Being and an Increased Sense of Social Support
  • Acquire the Confidence, Skills and Basic Supplies Needed to Adequately Care for Her Infant
  • Reduce Prenatal Stress and Deliver a Healthy Baby
  • Develop and Apply the Life Skills Necessary to Manage a Household of Her Own
  • Engage Effectively with Others and Understand the Value of Good Character, Moral Principles and Service to Others
  • Increase Her Employability, Job Readiness Knowledge and Skills
  • Develop and Utilize Positive Parenting Practices in Raising Her Children
  • Earn a High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  • Secure and Maintain Stable Housing for Her Family
  • Pursue Higher Education and Earn a Vocational Certificate or College Degree
  • Secure and Maintain a Steady Job
  • Secure a Residence of Her Own
  • Independently Provide for Her Family’s Basic Needs

Maternity Shelter

Affectionately referred to as “The Haven”, our maternity shelter provides a safe, nurturing and educational home for up to ten young, pregnant mothers and their children.

We provide these vulnerable young families with healthy foods, safe shelter and basic needs including clothing, personal hygiene items and baby supplies. These necessities ensure that our mothers receive adequate nutrition, care and support to recover from their bout with homelessness, meet their children’s growing needs and enjoy a healthy pregnancy.

More than a place, our residents participate in a rigorous goal planning and educational program exposing them to the knowledge and skills they will need to live independently and to provide for their children.

They also work with our Transitional Specialist to develop a Personal Goal Plan that includes short-term and long-term goals in our seven Core Focus Areas: Housing, Health, Independent Living Skills, Parenting, Education, Employment and Spiritual Development.

The Haven of Grace partners with a variety of community organizations and volunteers to offer its educational programming. Learn more about volunteering in the classroom.

Graduates of our Shelter move back into the community or they move to our Quad Transitional Apartments where they continue to work toward independence with the guidance and support of staff nearby.

Successful completion of The Haven’s Residential Program is the entry point to the Quad Apartments and also our unique Ten-Year Aftercare Program

Transitional Apartments

Completed in June of 2008, our Quadrangle Transitional Apartments and Courtyard are a point of pride on The Haven of Grace campus.

“The Quad” provides an opportunity for mothers to practice independent living skills while working and/or going to school with continued guidance from The Haven’s staff. Mothers work to build a savings in preparation for their move back into the community.

Residents of The Quad must maintain employment or be participating fully in vocational or post-secondary academic programs and meet regularly with The Haven’s Housing and Employment Navigator. Rent is set at $250 per month. Clients who graduate from the Quad Apartments become eligible for our Ten-Year Aftercare Program.

Ten-Year Aftercare Program

Often the women served by The Haven of Grace have experienced great loss, trauma and inconsistent or unhealthy relationships for most of their lives. We believe the journey towards independence can sometimes be more of a marathon than a sprint. The Haven of Grace offers support to our shelter graduates long after they have left our doors.

We invest time and resources to help secure brighter futures for the young women and children we serve. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships to ensure that these investments hold for the long term. We too can celebrate with the mothers when their journey towards independence becomes a reality.

Our unique Aftercare Program provides community-based support to our Residential Program graduates for up to ten years after they leave the shelter. It involves a range of programs and services including continued case management, new housing start-up items, child care stipends, home visits, parenting education, scholarships, book stipends and invitations to biannual Mom’s Day Out educational events.

Sample Classes:

GIGGLES (Growing in Grace, Gaining Life Eternally):
Fosters spiritual development and emotional healing

Meal Planning/Household Management:
Learn to plan nutritious meals and learn household management skills

Parenting Wisely:
Introduces effective discipline and parenting skills

REAP (ROW’s Economic Action Program):
Promotes increased economic security through financial education

Nurses for Newborns:
Weekly one-on-one to provide infant wellness checks and infant care coaching

Individual Counseling:
one on one sessions to foster emotional healing

Parents As Teachers:
Improve positive parenting practices

Within My Reach:
Improve healthy relationship skills