Women for Grace

Women for Grace believe that all women and children deserve to feel worthy and important and have the best lives possible. Women for Grace bring our provisions, time, talent, and comfort to support young mothers at The Haven of Grace. We share tools and skills to promote positive parenting. We are a group of women pouring Grace on other women.

What We Do

  • Provide a welcome basket to each expecting mother who moves into The Haven of Grace’s shelter.
  • Host a baby shower for every Haven mom to celebrate her new baby and gather essentials.
  • Throw a birthday party for every Haven mom to show them they are loved and recognized.
  • More ideas to come as this community of women supporting women develops.

How You Can Help

Join us in Women for Grace! This is a flexible commitment that provides varied opportunities to be involved. Help secure supplies, throw a party or shower, assemble or deliver welcome baskets, or simply chip in to help purchase items.

Time Commitment

Women for Grace will host a kick-off reception and occasional meetings so we can connect with one another, share successes and discuss upcoming needs. You are encouraged but not required to attend. All other activities will be on a sign-up basis.


Contact Emily Witt at (314) 621-6507 or submit your information here. Do you have any friends or family who might be interested? Download the Women for Grace Flyer to share with them.