The Haven of Grace is honored to share in the thoughtful tributes that honor the life and legacy of loved ones. We thank our donors for their life’s precious moments, heartfelt memories, and the blessings that each day holds.


January Tributes

Mary Hackett in honor of  Julie Jbara

February Tributes

Jennifer B. Pirrie in honor of  Julie Beattie

March Tributes

Maureen Hoffman in honor of  Renee Stout

Tom Rassieur in honor of  Mary Rassieur

April Tributes

Angie Fuoco in honor of  her baby

Fiona Woody in honor of  Janey Rouse

May Tributes

Valarie Mayes Nelson in honor of  Miss Ruda Nelson

Angeline Haynes in honor of  Miss Bertha Haynes

Juana LaJoyce Haskins in honor of  Miss Oleyer Haskins

Patricia Creel in honor of  Eunice Creel

Michael and Martha Hogan in honor of  Renee Stout

Fiona Woods in honor of  Phary Woods, Emily Crocker, and Ann McDonald

The Moran Company in honor of  Renee Stout

Rita Winters in memory of  Kim Winters

Donna Norfleet in memory of  Georgia Edwards

Arthelda Williams in memory of  Virgie Hill McNeal

Becky Hauk in honor of  Renee Stout and Jeanne Scannell

Dick and Joyce Ulrich in honor of  Deb and Jeff Hawley

June Tributes

Anonymous in honor of  Steve and Libby Crider

July Tributes

Jennifer Pirrie in memory of  Patricia Istwan

Jerry Garrett in memory of  Patricia Istwan

Joy Joliff in memory of  Patricia Istwan

Katherine Betz in honor of   Kimberly Brown

August Tributes

Kimberly Brown in honor of  Kimberly Rogers-Futrell

Evelyn Cohen in honor of  Kimberly Brown

Alaina Macia in memory of  Rita Daly

Karen Klaus in memory of  David Stout

Fred and Maureen Strasheim in memory of  David Stout

September Tributes

Kimberly Brown in honor of  Jackie Stegall

Fred and Maureen Strasheim in memory of  David Stout

Karen Klaus in memory of  David Stout

Elizabeth Isaak in memory of  Sarah Momberger

Lynn Potts in honor of  Janet Ford

December Tributes

Peggy Stonum in honor of  Shirley Bauer, Chrissy Avery, & Jeanne Willard