Measured Successes

Jyra said, “I came to the Haven of Grace because everything in my life had blown up.” She was living with her Mom and Dad and after three months her parents were divorced. Her Mom was forced into a smaller house, she could no longer live with mom and then she found out she was pregnant.

Alone, angry, homeless and pregnant she made a call to The Haven of Grace. With only one shelter opening she was able to meet the requirements and move in immediately. “Coming to The Haven of Grace at first was hard for me to adapt to. I was angry and very emotional.”

At The Haven of Grace she participate in anger management, parenting skills and found a job. She learned how to control her anger, developed better communication skills, and learned new parenting skills.

“Because of The Haven of Grace, my future is starting to look brighter. I have a good job, started school and my communication and people skills are better. I hope to move into the Quad Independent Apartment Living Program on their campus with my children and eventually save enough money to move into my own apartment,” said Jyra.