Kylie is Crawling

At The Haven of Grace, we believe that every step forward (whether on foot or at an unsteady crawl) deserves to be celebrated.  That’s why a group of staff and residents were gathered around Haven baby Kylie this week, cheering her on as she showed off her new skill of crawling!  

When Kylie was born 8 months ago, she came home from the hospital to her mom’s room in The Haven’s Shelter building.  At 5 months old, Kylie got a new room in her mom’s apartment at The Haven’s Quad transitional living complex.  By accessing both of these spaces (and the services that come with these programs), Kylie’s mom, Taja, has given her a healthy, safe, and stable place to grow.

And grow she has!  With Taja’s loving care, Kylie was born at a healthy birth weight and has hit all of her early developmental milestones: holding her head up, rolling over, sitting up, and now crawling!  She is known for her infectious smile and her easy-going nature.  She giggles, waves, and will be walking very soon.

All of us at The Haven are so excited to see where Kylie’s steps will take her!  She is a true blessing to everyone who meets her, and we’re so grateful to have Kylie and her mom in our programs.  With Taja’s continued hard work and important support from The Haven’s programs, the future is bright for them both!

Want to know how you can support babies like Kylie?  Visit our Giving page to find out how you can help provide a safe home for Haven babies to grow.