Khadijah Starts a New Job

Haven mom Khadijah recently reached a milestone that is bittersweet for many new moms – heading back to work after having a baby.  

Khadijah arrived at The Haven in November with her 4-year-old daughter Kaly, 1-year-old son Kyle and new baby boy Kyri on the way.  She had to leave a position at her current organization when she was pregnant with Kyle – it required her to work with chemicals that were making her sick.  She worked at a hotel in the meantime, but decided to reach back out to the organization after giving birth to Kyri.

Kaly, Kyle and Kyri with Santa, Dec. 2018

“I’m just happy to have a job,” says Khadijah.  “I really love going to work.  The only part that is hard is dropping Kyri off at daycare when he’s so little.  It helps that he’s able to go to the same school as his older brother and sister.  I know that it’s a good place because they’ve been there for a while already.”

Khadijah’s former supervisors were excited to have her back, stating that she was an excellent worker.  She is working full time in her new position, and is looking forward to more financial stability.

We are so proud to celebrate this important milestone with Khadijah, Kaly, Kyle, and Kyri.  Congratulations, Khadijah!

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