Gifts of Appreciated Stocks or Bonds

To make a donation of stock, the donor’s broker will need to contact The Haven of Grace’s broker.

The Haven of Grace’s broker account information:

Company Name: Wells Fargo Advisors
Name: Charles Frank — Financial Advisor, First Vice President Investments
Phone Number: 314-991-7800

DTC # 0141

Account Number: 3319-5979

Documentation Needed from the Donor

A document is needed from the donor’s broker indicating the transfer of stock from the donor’s broker to The Haven of Grace’s broker and must contain the following information:

  • Name and address of donor
  • Name of security or securities
  • Number of shares transferred
  • Date of donation (transfer date)
  • Market value on the date of the donation

This document should be obtained by the donor and forwarded to:

The Haven of Grace
Attn: Development Office
1225 Warren Street
St. Louis, MO 63106

The Haven of Grace’s Responsibility

The Haven of Grace will receive written documentation on the sale of the stocks or bonds, the number of shares sold and the value of the sale. The Haven of Grace will send receipt of the donation, along with the Maternity Home Tax Credit form (if applicable) and instructions on its completion to the donor.