Congratulations to Miss Sandi – The Haven of Grace’s Employee of the Month!

Sandi serves as a Residential Support Coach/Advisor at The Haven of Grace, working the 2 p.m. to 10 p.m. shift Monday through Friday, and on call as needed!

A typical day for Sandi is to help get dinner started, support the moms for whatever needs they may have, help with the babies, mentor on parenting, share advice on having structure and consistency in life, and imparting the importance of cleanliness and good hygiene.

“My goal is for the moms who make their home at The Haven of Grace is to leave when they are ready with tools to be productive in life,” said Sandi.  “To know how to run a household, and to understand the importance of timeliness and structure…skills as simple getting clothes ready for outings, keeping one’s room clean, being more organized.”

I assist the moms with their rooms, cleaning, washing clothes, and sometimes my job is just to listen.  Even a simple hug or a shoulder to lean on can make a major impact on their lives.  Tomorrow, I’ll be taking a car seat to the hospital for one of our moms who just delivered. My heart feels a huge need for empathy, compassion, and a willingness to assist and help in any way to break generational curses.”

Every meal we serve includes prayer.  Consistency is very important.  Family time together at the table is very special.  At the table is where I learn more about those we serve and enjoy the fellowship we all share.  Food is love!”

Sandi is both a mother and a grandmother figure to the families at The Haven of Grace.  “I get my marching orders from God,” said Sandi, “obedience is better than sacrifice! My job as a Christian is to be a servant.  At the end of day, I hope God is saying job well-done. I’m here until God says go.”

Personally, Sandi is blessed with three daughters, 12 grandchildren and 1 great granddaughter; some who live in St. Louis and some in Houston.  “They mean the world to me,” said Sandi.  “I’m also fortunate that I had an awesome grandma, Willie Allen, who was spotless and direct but with a huge soft spot. She read the bible every day of her life and inspired me to do the same.  She is my role model. My grandfather, Eddie Allen, is also gone, but he played an important role in my life, too.

He was the first man that showed me love.  He walked me to school every day, taught me how to cut the grass, cook, and regularly took me to church, bible study, and choir rehearsal. much.  In many ways, I am my grandfather.”

Sandi’s last words in our interview were, “Gotta go!  I smell that roast in the oven!”  And you can be sure, it was made with love.