My name is A’Nautica and I have two lovely daughters.  Ava is four years old and Aya is two months. 

Before coming to The Haven of Grace, I was living with my grandmother for 2 years.  I didn’t get along well with her husband or my uncle who also lived with her, and eventually there was an altercation.  I decided it was best for me and my older daughter to leave that situation.

I was pregnant with my second daughter at the time, and not sure where we were all going to go.  I moved around for a few months staying with several different friends, but none of them could take us in long-term.  I finally started looking at shelters on Google and came across The Haven.  I called, made an appointment to do an in-take interview and was able to move in right away.  I was really relieved because by that point, I felt like The Haven of Grace was my last option.

I have now been at The Haven for almost nine months, and I am grateful for my time here.  The staff at The Haven are great supporters – my only supporters actually.  They have helped me find a job.  They have helped me get clothes and everything else I need for my girls.  They have helped me learn how to build my savings.  They have taught me how to be a better mother and a better me.

I’m so happy that I came to The Haven of Grace.  I truly don’t know where my family would be without this program.  I want to thank all of you who support us and make The Haven possible for families like mine.


A’Nautica, Ava & Aya

January 2019