A True Community Effort

The majority of The Haven’s funding comes from our community. Unlike many shelters, individual donations (not public funding) sustain us. Support from our church, foundation and corporate partners helps ensure that we are able to fulfill our mission without having to limit the days a pregnant mother stays with us.

As a community-funded residence, The Haven can give young mothers the time they need to recover from homelessness and gain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to provide for the needs of their new family.

A Trustworthy and Meaningful Investment

  • The Haven of Grace has a rich 30-year history of serving young, homeless, pregnant women and their children in the Greater St. Louis area.
  • The Haven of Grace is a nonprofit corporation in good standing with the State of Missouri.
  • The Haven of Grace is an IRS 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization. Donations to The Haven qualify for federal and state tax deductions.
  • The Haven of Grace is a state approved maternity home eligible for Missouri Maternity Home Tax Credits.

Revenues & Support

Contributions 33% $321,791
Special Events (Net) 14% $138,503
Private Grants 13% $125,650
Investment Income 19% $180,787
Government Grants 19% $187,379
Program Income 2% $17,883
TOTAL REVENUE 100% $971,993


Program Services 72% $672,101
Management / General 18% $168,168
Development / Fundraising 10% $97,326
TOTAL EXPENSES 100% $937,595