Who We Are

More than a place…a community of people.

We celebrate the roles we all play including our friends, neighbors and partners. It is this collaboration that allows The Haven of Grace to provide a safe, nurturing home, educational programs and long-term support for mother and child.

We are more than just members of this community. We have a vested interest in its success. For many young mothers in our neighborhood the shelter and transitional apartments really are “A Haven.”

As we strive for a better tomorrow, we remain grateful that you are at our side today. Thank you for investing in the futures of our children and families through our work. Your belief in them, and your trust in us, move us forward.

We Value:

Integrity & Trust

We deal honestly in all situations and ensure an environment of confidentiality where safety and basic needs are provided.

Compassion & Respect

We show kindness, concern and support for all by appreciating self, others and property.

Accountability & Responsibility

We expect those who serve and those who are served to honor their commitments.

Dignity & Diversity

We honor the worthiness of every individual by accepting differences without prejudice or partiality.

Spirituality & Service

We believe in the intrinsic value of a life of faith, the peace of God’s influence in our lives, and the personal satisfaction of a life of service and generosity toward others.

Industriousness & Excellence

We encourage a strong work ethic and high standards by all who serve and are served.