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About our Programs

The Haven of Grace currently operates two core programs:

Residential program

Our Maternity Group Home / Shelter and Quad Transitional Apartments

The Safety Net:

Our Ten-Year Aftercare Program

A Light in the Dark
both programs focus on seven core impact areas:

  1. Housing and Basic Needs
  2. Physical and Emotional Health
  3. Independent Living Skills
    • Household Management
    • Personal Finance
    • Self-Advocacy and Interpersonal Skills
  4. Parenting
  5. Education
  6. Employment
  7. Spiritual and Character Development

…so that each young mother we serve will achieve her personal goals
and these desired outcomes:

  1. End Her Housing Crisis or bout with Homelessness by Securing Shelter
  2. Have Improved Emotional Well-Being and an Increased Sense of Social Support
  3. Acquire the Confidence, Skills and Basic Supplies Needed to Adequately Care for Her Infant
  4. Reduce Prenatal Stress and Deliver a Healthy Baby
  5. Develop and Apply the Life Skills Necessary to Manage a Household of Her Own
  6. Engage Effectively with Others and Understand the Value of Good Character, Moral Principles and Service to Others
  7.  Increase Her Employability, Job Readiness Knowledge and Skills
  8. Develop and Utilize Positive Parenting Practices in Raising Her Children
  9. Earn a High School Diploma or G.E.D.
  10. Secure and Maintain Stable Housing for Her Family
  11. Pursue Higher Education and Earn a Vocational Certificate or College Degree
  12. Secure and Maintain a Steady Job
  13. Secure a Residence of Her Own
  14. Independently Provide for Her Family’s Basic Needs