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About our Clients

A HomeEvery young woman served by The Haven of Grace meets the following criteria:

  • 18-24 years old
  • pregnant (at least 16 weeks)
  • homeless (or at imminent risk of becoming homeless) 

Beyond that, it’s very difficult to compare the young women we serve.  They each have a story of their own.

Some come to us as high school graduates (about 50 percent) with work history and some college experience; others come with elementary reading levels, no diploma and disparagingly low employability skills.  We serve some women who were raised in foster care and others raised in two-parent families.  Some have been victims of abuse, others the confused witnesses of a parent’s eviction or foreclosure.  Most of the clients we serve are residents of the city of St. Louis, but others arrive from surrounding counties. In some cases, they are left stranded in our area without family or friends.

Regardless of their background, it takes courage to walk through our doors, and our staff honors that courage by working to preserve the hope and dignity in every mother.

Our programs are customized to respond to the specific circumstances of each individual. They focus on the strengths embedded in every mother and child as the central starting point for helping to change the course of their lives.