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History and Timeline

A HavenOur Residential Program


A Safe, Nurturing and Educational Home for Young, Homeless Pregnant Mothers and their Children Our Residential Program safety, nurturing shelter, nutritious meals and basic needs to support a healthy delivery. It integrates goal planning and educational programs focused on parenting, physical and emotional health, financial literacy, independent living skills, interpersonal skills, formal education and job preparation. Eligible shelter clients may transition to our secure, furnished Quad Apartments, where they may live for up to two years, while they work, pursue educational goals and save for a move back into the community. Quad residents pay monthly rent of $250 and continue to work toward personal goals, with the help of our caring staff nearby


Quad KitchenThe Safety Net: Our ten year Aftercare Program


A program offering long-term family-like support of mothers working toward self-sufficiency. The Haven’s Aftercare Program offers new housing start-up funds, book stipends and scholarships, emergency assistance funds, continued case management support and invitations to biannual Mom's Day Out events. Mom's Day Out events serve both a social and educational purpose. Mothers have the chance to reconnect with Haven staff and fellow Haven graduates, while participating in workshops focused on employment, personal finance, parenting, health and wellness.