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The Haven of Grace: a true community effort

The majority of The Haven's funding comes from our community. Unlike most shelters, individual donations, not public funding, sustain us.

Distribution of Revenue Streams

Foundation Grants $203,000
Individual Donations $261,000
Fundraising Events $167,600
Government $58,000
Churches $31,700
Client Fees $20,750
Interest Income $3,700
Misc. Income $2,000
2013- 2014 Operating Budget: $747,750

Support from our church, foundation and corporate partners helps ensure that we are able to fulfill our mission without having to limit the days a pregnant mother stays with us.

Most emergency shelters are required to place a 30, 60 or 90 day time limit on the length of time a client may reside in the shelter. However,  as a community-funded residence, The Haven can give young mothers the time they need to recover from homelessness and gain the knowledge, skills and resources they need to return to the community realistically prepared to provide for the needs of their new family.

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